Frequently Asked Questions

How fast is it?

Incredibly fast! 

We offer the following Residential packages & speeds:

  • Go Fast: 10M Down/1M Up
  • Ultra Fast 30: 30M Down/5M Up
  • Ultra Fast 50: 50M Down/5M Up
  • Ultra Fast 100: 100M Down/5M Up
  • Ultra Fast 150: 150M Down/10M Up
  • Flight Gigabit Fiber: 1G Down/1G Up

*Actual speed will vary.  Factors that affect downstream data speed include:  overall network traffic; the computer's performance and configuration; accessing non-cached or cached data; location and configuration of the accessed server; performance characteristics of each component of the data network; the number of users and all users' compliance with Antietam Broadband's Acceptable Use Policy, available at data transfer is limited to 1M, 5M, 10M, or 1G respectively.

I already have the service but I need to replace my modem?

Once you have purchased a new modem, you will need to call Technical Support to have the modem provisioned.  Please have the HFC MAC address for the modem which is usually on a sticker on the back or bottom of your cable modem.

What is spyware?

Any software that collects information through your Internet connection without your knowledge and is usually used for advertising purposes. Spyware is usually bundled as hidden components of freeware or shareware programs. Once the program is installed, the spyware monitors activity on the Internet and sends that information to someone else.

What are your email server settings?

Incoming mail server (POP3):
Outgoing mail server (SMTP):

What ports do you block?

We currently block:

  • udp port 135

  • udp port 137

  • udp port 138

  • udp port 139

  • tcp port 139

  • tcp port 445

  • tcp port 593

  • tcp port 4444

  • tcp port 5554

  • tcp port 9996

Will I be provided with a static or dynamic IP address?

Residential service provides a dynamic IP address.  

What is a firewall?

A firewall is a software program or hardware device with special security precautions, used to filter or block outside network connections. 

How do I connect a different device to the modem?

If you connect a new device to the cable modem, such as a router or new computer, the modem must be reset.  First, reset the modem by removing the power cord then plugging it back in, then reboot your computer or router.

What does Antietam Broadband do to stop spam?

All email is filtered for spam (and viruses). Webmail is where you may adjust your spam settings or see what messages have been filtered. For more information please review our Knowledge Base article on Spam Control.

Do you offer Antivirus software?

If you do not have antivirus software installed on your pc at the time of the modem install, our technicians will install AVG's free antivirus program at no extra cost. 


If you are interested in installing a free antivirus program please visit the Helpful Software category within our Knowledge Base.

How does the cable connect to my computer?

The cable is connected to a cable modem located next to your computer. The cable modem is connected to your computer using a  Network Interface Card (NIC) on your PC.

Can I network more than one computer?

Yes. Please check with a computer electronics retailer for home networking solutions such as hubs or routers. Please note that Antietam Broadband does not install this equipment nor provide technical support for customer networks.


Note: Hubs require additional IP addresses, a $6.95 fee is charged for each additional ip address.

What do the lights on my cable modem indicate?

Power The power light should always be steady.
Receive The receive light should be steady when the downstream signal is confirmed.
Send The send light should be steady when the upstream signal is confirmed.
Online The online light should be steady and indicates the downstream and upstream signals have been confirmed, and is searching for an IP address.
PC Activity The PC Activity light will be steady when it is connected to a CPE device and will blink when transmitting data.
Standby  The standby light is steady when the modem is in Standby.

How does Antietam Broadband protect my privacy?

We never sell or disclose your email address. For more detail, please review our privacy policy.

What is webmail?

Webmail allows access to your email accounts from any Internet connection in the world. It also enables you to increase or decrease spam filtering for your mailbox.

How much Webspace can I have?

Antietam Broadband gives you 10MB of WebSpace per email account; up to a total of 70MB per subscription for residential accounts.

Are any service contracts required?

No, Unlike other high-speed options, you won't have to make a long-term commitment when you sign up for Antietam Broadband. No contracts. No commitments. No worries!

Do you offer technical support?

Yes!  We have highly skilled technicians working 24 x 7 to assist you with any of your internet technical issues.

Can I move my modem to another room?

No.  Please contact our Customer Service Department at 301-797-5000 to schedule a relocate.  A fee is required.

How do I report Abuse?

To submit an Abuse report, including viruses, unwanted attacks, or spam, please email

Each report must contain the following:

  • Reports must include the full headers and body of the original email message.
  • Include the IP Address, time and date of the occurrence, and time zone.